Back To School Supplies For Middle School Boys & Girls

  • by Tracy Taylor
  • Nov 23,2020

This simple list of Back to School Supplies for Middle School Boys & Girls has everything a kid needs for the classroom, organization and being cool!

This simple list of Back to School Supplies for Middle School Boys & Girls has everything a kid needs for the classroom, organization and being cool! Whether your child is just starting school or headed into middle school this back to school supplies list is going to make getting prepared for school much easier!

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Back to school sales have started! This means summer is halfway over. It’s a bittersweet time for parents and kids. We all want a little more fun in the sun but getting ready for back to school can be exciting too. Starting middle school is a pretty big deal in a child’s life (parents too!). It’s another sign that your baby is growing up way too fast. Puberty, shaving, crushes are just a few of the things you’ll soon be dealing with. Middle school can be pretty amazing too. Some of my favorite memories are from my middle school years. Middle school can be tough for kids though. It’s a big transition so making sure they have everything they need to start the year on the right foot is extra important. I’ve made a list of back to school supplies that will help your middle school boys and girls sail through the year!

Back to School Supplies for Middle School – Boys & Girls

  1. This Modern Schoolhouse Desk is too cute! Having a designated place to do homework helps keep kids focused and organized.
  2. Starting a new chapter in life deserves an Apple MacBook. Things are different than we were in school. Everything is done digitally and some kind of computer is a must. Invest a little now and get a laptop that will get them all the way to high school.
  3. Having an external battery will keep their tablets and cell phones fully charged. They never have an excuse for not answering your call because their cell battery died.
  4. Your locker becomes your home away from home. Why not give it personal style with these school locker wallpaper. They come in all types of different colors and designs.
  5. These Pottery Barn Tween backpacks are ridiculously adorable! So many trendy prints and colors to pick from with matching lunch boxes and pencil cases too.
  6. Gotta have a flash drive, so why not make it match your personality. They now come in all different shapes and sizes. Easy to store on your key chain so you will never lose them. That’s wishful thinking!
  7. These Cat Butt magnets were too funny to pass up. Keep important notes hung on the locker door so there are no excuses.
  8. When studying, never lose your place with these Hand Signal bookmarks.
  9. Keep lunch cold with these Re-usable Ice Mats. Also great for keeping snacks cool for practice after school too.
  10. Boys worry about their cool status too. No worries with these Pottery Barn Teen backpacks though.
  11. Now would be the time for a cell phone. Middle schoolers are little adults with semi important things to do. Keep tabs on them while giving them some freedom.
  12. Have fun while highlighting for the next exam with these Smelly Jellies Ice Cream scented highlighters.
  13. Boys need to be organized in style too. Check out these super cool Gear-Up Homework Holders.
  14. Keep that expensive MacBook or tablet safe with these Neoprene Sleeves.
  15. The artist in me just loved these Two Sided Colored Pencils. Enjoy double the colors with half the space.
  16. Everyone loves stickers! These Calendar School Stickers make it easy to keep track of events.
  17. Super trendy and every girls dream young and old. This Lilly Pulitzer Planner is a must for keeping your social, I mean academic, calendar in order.
  18. Keep that locker tidy and get extra space with this Locker Shelf.
  19. Now you can personalize everything including your MacBook or laptop. These Hard Shell Cases come in all different colors and a keyboard cover too.
  20. Girls want to stand out and make statements. What better way than with a sweet Gear-Up Homework Holder. These also have matching accessories too.
  21. Every locker needs a stylin Dry Erase Board!

Everything a middle school kid needs for the classroom, organization and being cool! A list for middle schoolers for both girls and boys. Back to School Supplies for Middle School - Boys & Girls

Buying for tweens is always hard. These Back to School Supplies for Middle School make great Christmas gifts too.

Enjoy what’s left of summer!
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