How To Make Fancy Flowers

  • by Connor Brown
  • Jan 13,2019

How to Make Fancy Flowers With Ease and Use Them In Your Pot

Flowers are very beautiful things and they can be regarded as one of the most essential things. Everyone should have in his house.

There are many kinds of flowers available in the market. But if you want to make the flowers yourself or you have the Desire of how to make fancy flowers. Then I will give you any easy instruction to do that.


Before going into the answer about how to make fancy flowers you need to get the supplies to make it. You need to have the scissor, Poly Satin fabric, hot glue gun and lighter.


  • Firstly you need to cut the poly Satin fabric in a way which will make it 58 inches.
  • Now you need to fold the fabric into half and sew the entire strip. If you do not have the sewing machine, you can do it by hand.
  • Cut the scallops in this step like you are making Petals. That does not need to be the same because patterns can be a very good side. And it will make the flower more attractive.
  • Now comes the part of the lighter, which you will use to seal the scallops by running it over them smoothly. You don’t need to burn the petals so just use the lighter easily and it will see the petals effectively without any damage.
  • When it is sealed, you need to merge the petals of the flower by using the thread from one as to the other of the strip. And collect the flower in a way, which will make it beautiful and according to your desire. Make sure that the entire strip is consistent when you are collecting it together.
  • Now when you have made the flower you can use the hot glue. Use the hot glue on the flower by connecting it to the felt. It will make the flower stick to one place. You can also use the clip on the flower to make it more harm free.
  • After sometime you will see that the flower is created in a fancy way. Now you can use it in your hair band and your bracelet or similar places without any trouble.

You just used the simple procedures and made the fancy flower yourself without any big instructions.

I hope you have got the answer about how to make fancy flowers and now you will be making many of the fancy flowers with a similar procedure but with different colors and different textures.

I want to tell you that for protection of yourself you need to use the lighter with some adult guidance otherwise it can harm you. If you are an adult yourself, then there is no danger and you can use the lighter without any harm.

Make sure that you are using the good quality strip in order to make the flower which will stick to one place by the hot glue on it otherwise it can ruin after some time and with some impact with the water.

Here are the some best examples of fancy flowers.

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