18 Tiny House Tips

  • by Alexander Singh
  • Jun 23,2016

Living in a small home doesn’t have to feel like a congested nightmare. With good organization and a handful of functional changes, you can maximize the space and turn your tiny house into a more comfortable home.

1. Floor-to-ceiling storage

We often ignore the bulk of our wall space. But by installing shelves that go all the way up, you can maximize storage and minimize clutter. Build your own or find other inexpensive solutions.

2. Take it outside

Creating or revamping outdoor living space — such as a porch or deck — can feel like you’re adding square footage, but will save you significant money.

3. More space, clearly

The more natural light you can bring into your small home, the better. But in rooms without windows, try using more transparent materials that allow light to pass through.

4. Small walls, large windows

Speaking of natural light; keeping your window-to-wall ratio high will make any space feel larger. Don’t be afraid to make your windows almost as large as your walls.

5. Add a loft

Even in a tiny house, high ceilings can allow you to add more functional space with a loft. This one was built over the kitchen.

6. Go with fewer walls

Creating an open feel with fewer walls and more multi-function rooms can make even the smallest of homes flow well for living — and entertaining. You can even use sliding walls like these for flexibility.

7. A mirror finish

Plentiful mirrors, or mirrored materials such as these tiles, can brighten up a space and give the illusion of larger rooms.

8. Go big — in one room

Take your favorite room and make it as large as possible. If you’re going to hang out in the kitchen a lot, why not make it the biggest room in the house?

9. Divide with curtains

Like the sliding walls above, room-dividing curtains can make spaces function in multiple ways, without the heaviness of an immovable wall. Why commit?

10. Look to the sky

If wall space is at a premium, think about opening your roof with skylights. You’ll let plenty of space-enhancing light in — and still have a place for the sofa.

11. Retractible appliances

Why not use retractible pantry drawers for small appliances in your tiny house? Keep your toaster or electric pressure cooker out of sight, out of mind…until it’s time to cook.12. Go under the stairs

The space underneath the stairs is usually under-utilized in any home. In a small house, this can make a big difference. Use it for storage, or open it up and make the space count.

13. Take a little bath

If you love a bubble bath but don’t want to sacrifice the space for a tub, try one like this, in 3/4 size!

14. Go white

White looks clean, but it also brings an airy and spacious feel. Try doing an important room, such as this kitchen, in predominantly white shades. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. 

15. Add a breakfast bar

Save the space you’d normally use for a kitchen table and install a breakfast bar instead. Here’s how.

16. Storage walls

Turning walls into storage can help you make practical use of every square inch available.

17. Unexpected storage

Inspect your home for nooks and crannies of unused space. Many of them could be turned into sneaky storage, especially in the bathroom.

18. Use pops of color

Adding colorful accessories keep the eye moving, so there are things to look at besides the walls closing in. But remember: a little bit of color goes a long way! 


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