“woody” Tiny House On Wheels Cost Only $50,000 To Build

  • by Margaret Evans
  • Apr 13,2017

Colorado couple, Joni and Brian Buzarde, recently completed their 236 square foot THOW and have already been featured in Dwell magazine and Curbed. What might make their tiny house stand out is not only the unusual design (courtesy of Brian’s architectural skills), but the fact that the couple built “Woody” by themselves for only $50,000 over the course of a year.


The 236 square feet looks a lot larger with the contemporary lines and birch-veneer plywood used throughout the house. Woody has a loft bed above the kitchen, hanging baskets for clothing, large sliding doors, a flat screen TV, cedar siding, a galvanized steel trough as a bathtub, and eight inch deep storage compartments built into the floor.


The contemporary look with the western flair is continued with the plumbing and electrical conduit exposed. Done on purpose since this was the couple’s first foray into construction. Joni and Brian towed the trailer from Austin, Texas up to Colorado and are currently living in their home on a five-acre piece of land they purchased in the small town of Marble near Crested Butte.



Photos by Benjamin Rasmussen for Dwell

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